Piano Hire

Can I come to your show room to select a piano and stool to hire?

Yes you can.

Is there a contract that one needs to sign before hiring a piano, or having piano lessons?

No, there is no lengthily contract to sign. All that is required is a months notice (30 Days) when you decide to discontinue piano hire or piano lessons.

Do I need to pay a deposit when hiring a piano and stool?

No, there is no deposit  required when hiring a piano and stool. There is however a “Start up” cost. Kindly see the Pricing Menu for these details

Is there a minimum or maximum number of months that I need to hire a piano and stool.

You may hire a piano and stool, for as many "months" as you like. (Weekend hiring is not available. Monthly hire only)

If I am dissatisfied with my hire piano, can I have a refund?

At the discretion of Emil Schneider, if it is within reason, we can negotiate the replacement of the “faulty” piano with another piano. The cost of collection and delivery for a second piano must also be considered and an allowance must be made for such considerable expence. Following this, should you still not be satisfied with the piano, you will be given a full refund of your initial start up cost,(provided that the piano and stool in question are returned in the same condition that they were delivered in)

Do you also sell your hire piano’s?

Regrettably, we do not sell piano’s. We can however recommend a place where you could buy a new or used piano. We can also offer you advice telephonically on how to go about buying a second hand piano.


Piano Lessons

Am I too old to start playing the piano?

No, you are never too old to start playing the piano.

How quickly will I be able to play the piano “properly”?

Utilising our uniquely developed curriculum and learning methods, you are guaranteed to be able to play your first piece of music in the first month to 6 weeks of you taking lessons with us (provided you have an 88 keyed piano to practice on)

Do I have to hire a piano with you in order to be able to have piano lessons with you?

You may take piano lessons with us whether or not you hire a piano from us. It is most important however, that you do in fact have an eighty eight keyed piano / keyboard to practice on should you wish to successfully learn how to play the piano. A sixty six key, keyboard / piano, is unsuitable to learn how to play the piano. If you do have a key board already, please count both black and white keys to confirm that you do have the correct number of keys. There should be eighty eight keys.

Where will my piano lessons be held?

Your piano lessons will be held at our premises in Second Avenue Linden, Johannesburg, 2195.