About Piano Hire


  • Piano’s and their accompanying stools may be hired to those who wish to have piano lessons either with us or elsewhere. It is not compulsary to have piano lessons with us while you take advantage of our quality upright piano and stool hire. We do have a minimum piano hire period. We wont tie you down to a contract.
  • When eventually giving notice, 30 days’ notice is required for termination of piano hire.
  • Please kindly give a calendar month of notice when returning the piano & stool. 
  • A 30/31 day calendar month of notice, would be the following (01 Month to 30/31 Month)
  • The piano hire fee will increase by 10% annually.
  • Please contact us immediately should the piano movers damage your premises, the piano and/or the piano stool in any way.  


Piano Placement/Storage


  • Please ensure that the hired piano is not exposed to any sun whatsoever.
  • It is a good idea to place the piano on an inside wall - this will ensure that the hired piano will keep its tune for a longer period.
  • Please do not place drinks or flower pots on the piano. Water marks will soon appear on the wood finish. If you spill liquids into the piano keys or piano action, the piano will need a major overhall, since liquid affects the piano's parts mostly because they are made of wood. 
  • Please feel free to place picture frames on the piano.
  • Perhaps place a cloth on the piano to prevent scratching.


Payment Information


  • Payments are due on or before the 1st of each month.
  • Payment can be made in advance, if more convenient.
  • 30 days’ notice is required for termination of piano hire.
  • Please put surname as reference of payment.  
  • See pricing menu for further information about cost.