Teaching adult beginners and children in the shortest time possible

Emil Schneider has been playing the piano from the age of 6 and teaching the piano for over 20 years. He has also gained experience as a lounge pianist at The Hyatt, Old Parktonian and Michael Angelo Hotels.

He instructs adult beginners and children alike, using a uniquely developed teaching method that will guarantee the pupil the joy of being able to play their first piece of music (and understand the theory associated with it) within 4-6 weeks of starting lessons.

The pupil is guaranteed to acquire all the relevant theory knowledge while taking the light fun approach to playing the piano. This will ensure that playing the piano will become an enjoyable hobby. The pupil will not be given dozens of scales and/or arpeggios to practice, but will however be taught the theory needed (the workings of the major scale and the major chord, the foundation on which music in its entirety is based) to help him/her develop his/her playing skills. Each new piece of music learnt will be slightly more advanced than the last so as to ensure gradual learning.